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Share expenses with ease Accountable PaymentsSM

Keep track of all of your shared parenting expenses. You and your co-parent can make payment requests and securely send or receive money.

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Send and receive payments securely

Once you and your co-parent are approved, sharing co-parenting expenses just got a whole lot easier. With all requests and payments timestamped, confusion over who paid what is a thing of the past. As an added convenience, this feature allows parents to schedule monthly recurring payments. 

Tips and best practices

Manage recurring payments

Set and forget repeat expenses like child support, daycare, and insurance using recurring monthly payments.

One-time payments made easy

Impromptu trip to the doctor? A classmate's birthday party? Make expense reimbursement a breeze.

Schedule future payments

Sports fees, summer camp, and other extracurriculars are all part of a child's life. Schedule any payment a week, a month, or even several months ahead of time.

"It’s court admissible, can be court ordered! Amazing!" — Elizabeth Grover Goodyear (Facebook)
"Great app.. keeps everyone in check. No lie no excuses. Keeps everyone honest." — Patricia Tin (Google Play Store)
"Best Communication App. Love you guys for making things just simple. And easy, no headache and everything I mean EVERYTHING is documented. Thanks for the past 4 years TP. - Joe" — Gotalotakids (Apple App Store)

Accountable PaymentsSM Common questions

Can I send or receive money from multiple bank accounts?

Yes. You can add a new bank account or replace your default bank account at any time.

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Is there a fee to transfer money to my co-parent?

Yes. Depending on which plan you are on, there may be a flat rate and percentage fee for each transaction.

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Can my co-parent see my financial information?

No! At no point will your co-parent ever see any of your banking information or account names.

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How much money can I send?

You can send between $10 and $5,000 per transaction.

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